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Question about catalyst 3650 and fabric storage

                   Hello All,

I have a question regarding fabric storage and cisco catalyst switch 3650.

My plan is connecta a esxi server to a nexus switch and then to a san storage. I want add a new switch to have a redundant link between esxi and the storage.

Can I use a cisco catalyst 3650 with a fiber conecction to connect the HBA esxi server card  to 3650 sw and the SAN storage to the 3650 sw ?

Thank you so much !!!!!!


Good morning Konsu Loss

This module supports SFP (fiber) conections, in case that your switch serie doesn’t have a SFP card you can get one and use a card converter.

I hope you find this answer useful, if it was satisfactory  for you, please mark the question as Answered.

Hi Johnnatan,

I have the SFP connection at 1 GB on the switch 3650, but my cuestion is: If I can use this switch to connect a SAN storage and a esxi server.

I have verything else, the switch, the HBA cards, the SAN, the SFP connectors, the LC fiber cables.

But I dont know if I can use this switch for figure out this kind of conecction, beacuse I notice that in the nexus you can create zoning and other features that I am not sure that I can find this features on the 3650.

Anyway I just need a connection for backup connection, so this features are not so important at this time for the 3650 if it has or not those featires.

Thank you so much !!!!