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Rationale for buying Cisco switches over HP

I am looking for some impartial arguments for purchasing Cisco over HP switches.  I have been using Cisco devices for 10+ years, but fellow management is looking to save some money and have brought in HP consultants looking to undersell Cisco gear, specifically going with an HP 7510 core switch versus the Cisco 4510.

There is a marginal savings of $10k, but I am curious to know if anyone has a compelling argument to either purchase or NOT purchase the Cisco in favor of the HP.

I realize I can catering to a very partial crowd here on this forum, but I would like to remain with Cisco.  I would be appreciative of any recommendations I might make that favor Cisco switches over HP.

Thanks much.


Jon Marshall
VIP Community Legend


Not familiar with particular HP switch so can't comment on performance, features etc. but some other things to think about -

1) management of devices - how do they compare

2) support for device. Cisco have the best technical support in terms of simply the amount of technical information + things like these forums which is all readily available. This is before going into things like TAC.

It could just be me but whenever i have searched for detailed HP information it hasn't been as readily available.

3) Integration. Is the rest of the network still Cisco. What routing protocol are you using eg. EIGRP Cisco only, STP can also be an issue with inter-operability ie. HP do not to my knowledge support PVST.

Vendors will always undercut and often management look simply at the unit cost rather than all the hidden extra costs. It's not for me to argue Cisco's case but the above are defintitely things that can add costs and which may actually end up being more than the 10K being saved simply on the switches.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Get the vendor to do a "cook off" between the Cisco and HP.


Kerry, I sent you a private message. Please take a look.


I have used HP switches they are pretty much have got similar interface and commands to Cisco switches,

But when it goes to enterprise stuff, like modular QOS commands, Plicy-maps, route-maps they are nothing compare to Cisco!!

but in terms of price, they are really cost effective, so it really depends on what you want to acheive and what you need.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

A picture speaks louder than words.  If HP can produce something like this, let me know.