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Remote Desktop over LAN


I recently upgrade my small home office network with a RV180. Prior to doing so I had been using Windows 7 Remote Desktop over the LAN to access several computers. After installing the RV180 remote desktop fails to connect. It must not be an issue with Windows firewall as it worked fine with the prior router and I have gone back and tried the old router again, and it then does connect. I am assuming that it has to be an internal security feature of the RV180 that is blocking the traffic, but I have not been able to find any such setting.



Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert


Have a look at this post.  Some one else had the same issue with RDP.

The first step you will need to do is go under firewall and go under advance settings and click on custom service. You will create a TCP port for 3389, start port is 3389 and end port is 3389. Once you create your custom service then you will need to go to either access rule or port forwarding (weather you create it under access rule or port forwarding they get added to both sections). For this set up, we will go under port forwarding. Once you are under the port forwarding section then you will select your custom service you created from the drop down box (any custom service you create will be at the bottom of the list). Just make sure you action is set to always allow and your destination ip address is were you are wanting to RDP into and your internal port would need to be 3389.

here is the post:


Thanks for the response. I have tried those settings before and they did not work. I went ahead and deleted all the port forwarding and access rules and followed your instructions exactly and have not been able to connect. On a side note, I am trying to access several computers with RDP, would each computer need a port forwarding rule? I.E. a new rule for every IP? Why would the RV180 by default be blocking that port(s) on the internal LAN anyway?

Thanks again