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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


Restricted connections

Hey all,

I am (only) a CCNA ran into a bit of a problem and wonder if any of you can help, or tell me which debugs I could use to determine the problem.

Recently some pcs and notebooks when booting correctly connect to the network, get assigned to the proper VLAN by our Radius server and then nothing. Not even a ping to the closest switch goes out, but the connection lights on the PC and switch are on.

Windows 7 says the connection is unauthenticated which could point to a AD problem but as I am also unable to ping the switch the PC is connected to, it seems more like network related.

Rebooting the Switches has brought some relief, but not for all.

Till yesterday it only occured on two switches which are on the same floor, so I was checking the configuration to see if I could find anything odd (the swiches have been configured before my arrival by our internet privider). Yesterday we got another call, from a user on a different floor.

A PC can be blocked like that on one switch even though another PC on that connection works without problems and that same PC not working on one switch can function without problems on another switch.

We have (mostly and till now only affected) C3560s with IOS 12.2(55)SE1.

Any clues? Any indication what to look for?

Thanks in advance,


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