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Route-Map Issue in Cisco 6506 core switch


Hi All,

We have a scenario as below

Core1--> Core 2 --> Vendor Core

I have configured a VLAN in core-1( and configured with route-map set with next-hop IP of vendor core switch ip (

I need an access to few destinations from Core-1 VLAN to multiple destinations ( Ex: -, are reachable from

I have a routing from Core-1 to but unable to access the destinations of and  etc  by using set next-hop ip

I can clear the issue by using static route to multiple destinations but I wanted avoid this.

So please support on available options to overcome this issue



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Jon Marshall
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We need a few more details ie.

1) do you run HSRP/GLBP on core1 and core2 for vlan 172.16.1.x. If so which core switch is the active one ?

2) How are core1 and core2 interconnected ie. via L2 trunk or do they route to each other. If you do a "sh ip ro" what does it show ? ie.

is it directly connected or is it via a next hop on core 2 ?

3) can we see the route-map config + acl used in route-map

4) have you applied the route-map to the vlan 172.16.1.x interface ? Remember if core2 is active gateway you would need to apply it there as well.


HI Jon,

To add clarity just have drwan a rough topology diagram has configured in R1 and R2,

1 Ans :- Core-1 (R1) and Core-2 (R3) are connected over fibre and with ospf then static routes redistributed to it.

2 Ans :- is learning through OSPF


route-map xxxx permit 10

match ip address 130

set ip next-hop


Conf t

Ip access-list ex 130

Permit ip any

Conf t

Interface Vlan 30

ip policy route-map  xxxxx


Revert for more info pls...


On core1 what does "sh ip ro" show ?

set ip next-hop x.x.x.x  assumes that x.x.x.x is directly connected so is 10.1.1.x directly connected to core 1 ? If not then you can use "set ip next-hop recursive x.x.x.x" but i'm not sure whether that is supported on the switch. You can try it.


Hi Jon, is learning through OSPF via Core-2

means from Core-1 2 hops away this is rechable

And i have checked the recursive command but its not avilable in switches, I hope its meant for Routers

Please help


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