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route to internet

Hello, im doing the following setup, and i dont know how to do this

i have a 3560 switch, and 3 2950 attached to it, and a 2921 acting as router and cme

i have three separated vlans, one for voice, other for data and other for management

i want to create a fourth vlan for 2 adsl routers, until here everything ok for me

but, whats the set up i have to do in order to grant access to the users on data vlan to internet?

Thanks in advance


VIP Expert

Re: route to internet

Hi Cesar,

On your router connecting to the service provider, you need a default route pointing to your serves provider's router.

Also, if you are using private IP addressing (rfc1918), you need to NAT the private IP to public IP address.  This is assuming you are running static route with the provider.

Can you post the router's config connecting to your provider?



Re: route to internet

hello Reza

I believe that the nat is being done by the provider router, do i have to do my own nat as well?

On top of that, con configuration is, 1 2920, connected to one 3560, and this one is connetec to several 2950, where it would be more advisable to plut the adsl router?

Best Regards..



Re: route to internet

hi cesar,

yes, the nat is provided by the adsl modem/router. what you need is default route to the adsl router and make sure the vlans are communicating.



Re: route to internet

Most of the ADSL router setups is like it gets a public ip from the service provider and it has its own dhcp server configured on its lan port and also it does natting from the private dhcp pool to the public ip received from the SP and these routers are mostly provided by the service providers.

It is advisable to connect the adsl routers on the 3560 in the same vlan but make sure you do not allow the voice and the management vlan to be routed on to the data vlan since that would be going out to the internet.

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