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routing to and from Verizon vpn for IOT sensors


I have an old pix515e with inside interface /, DMZ interface / and outside interface.

Behind this pix there is a 1921 router with interface 0/0: /, interface 0/1: /  On this router there are also 2 tunnels to a Verizon VPN.  Tunnel0: /, Tunnel1: /

Now I didnt configure the 1921 router, Verizon did.  Somehow there are devices on this Verizon VPN with network / and I need them to communicate with the network as well as go out to the internet and have traffic come back in from the internet over SSL on port 3199.

I am able to ping back and forth from network to both the router interfaces but I cannot get traffic from the tunnels...

I do not know any command line commands I am only using the PIX device manager and the Router CCP.

Can anyone help me?

I am able to print the config files for both pix and router but not sure what I need to hide if anything



It depends what is on the other end of the Verizon VPN. Who manages the VPN?

It looks like the is sub-netted down with two class c subnets, and

its possible the acl's need the subnet adding to the interesting traffic so it uses the vpn tunnel.

As for ping, if you are on the subnet you would be able to ping the local interface ip addresses of the subnets as they will be locally configured and the router will see them as attached.

if you want to show your config you should hide any external addresses, user names and passwords but I think you should be looking at the vpn config.

Thanks for the response I will attach the config files for pix and router.  I have taken out all the NATs and ACLs and static routes I have tried since none of it worked...

Thanks for your help!

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