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RSPAN planning

Hello experts.

I'm familiar with SPAN and know about RSPAN, but have never had to configure it.

Some new requirements concerning one of our datacenters made me think of using it. But there are lots of questions that have to be answered before we will implement RSPAN within our DC. Most questions have been cleared, but some important ones couldn't been answered by Cisco documents or any forum discussion found by me.

Please have a look at the attached picture that'll give you a scheme about the affected DC.

We need to capture the traffic of servers1-4 with only one probe connected to a Catalyst 6509 Series device. The idea was to use one RSPAN VLAN on all involved switches interconnected with trunks.

- One really difficult question is: How can we prevent Server1s traffic from being populated within the RSPAN VLAN down to the C4948 switches? Or traffic from Server2 over to the switch of Server 4. And so on...

- Another interesting point is: Nevertheless we're not 100% sure what the 'reflector-port' might be causing, but this syntax option is not given on any of the involved switches. Does it matter in our case?

- Will the traffic received at the C4506 within the defined RSPAN VLAN automatically be populated up to the C6509 without configuring a reflector-port?

As you can see there is some confusing about this kind of structure und we have to have a solution quickly. So I would be very glad if some could help me with this topic as soon as possible.

Thanks you very much in advance!

best regards

Marc Wynen

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