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RVS4000 Slow, Replacement RV325 Slow Too and Died After Several Weeks

I am using a Cisco DPC3008 modem with Comcast which is on their supported list of modems, and it is outputting nearly 100mbps when connected directly to my laptop but through the RVS4000 v1, it was giving barely 20mbps so I replaced it with an RV325 as I needed more ports anyway.  I was disappointed to see no improvement in speed but after a couple weeks, it now does not connect at all. I am not a stranger to routers or networking and after trying everything I could think of I finally put back the RVS4000 but I really need all the ports of the RV325 so can anyone tell me what to do to get it working again? Local routing seems okay (I can access all local devices) but it simply does not connect to the Internet, and nothing was changed between when it was working and when it suddenly wasn't.

At my other home, I am still using a Cisco DPC3008 modem with the RVS4000 v2 and it is also slow as above. I want to replace the RVS4000 with another RV325 but need to get these issues resolved first.

Please advise, thank you!

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