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Rick Morris
Frequent Contributor

Service Unsupported Transceiver, is this still needed?

In the past I have worked with various different media and many were not supported by Cisco.  To overcome this pitfall issuing the command service unsupported transceiver seemed to resolve most of the issues.

In the new switches, 4500X and 3750X is this command still needed?  I have not had an issue where I needed to add it, but some "more seasoned" engineers nearing retirement insist on adding this command.  It does not matter to me, better safe than sorry, but I am more interested in knowing if this is still required or not, or if Cisco has incorporated something to play nice with other manufactures?


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

I have not seen this command on the newer IOS and switch platforms.  It the optics are working fine, you don't need this command anyway.  I have used a lots of different types  of optics and never needed to enable this command.


Really Reza??  On the contrary, I've never, not once been able to use a non-cisco stamped sfp/sfp+ in a cisco device without this command.  Whic models?

And yes Rick as far as I know it's still needed.  I've had to use it on a brand new N7K, 3560X's, 3750X's, 3650's, 3850's, 4948EE.  I've got the new 6807 on order and it'll be required.

Really Reza??  On the contrary, I've never, not once been able to use a non-cisco stamped sfp/sfp+ in a cisco device without this command.

Can be done.

If you know you've got un-supported SFP/SFP+ and before the company ships them out, get the company to re-flash the IDPROM.  Some companies have the ways and means to do this (regardless who you are).

fyi: i tried the command on a N5K but for a Fiber channel SFP (Brocade instead of Cisco). It doesn't work , even with the "hidden" command, so it seems the hidden command only works for Ethernet SFPs, not FC SFPs. Can someone confirm ?

I have a problem with CRS-3 XR version 4 can’t use the XFPv5. It need this command.

Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Expert


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Laugh, guess I'm one of the "more seasoned" (in my 35th professional year) but am I "nearing retirement" when my retirement might be another 5 to 10 years?

In any case, I too have noticed some of the later Cisco switches do appear to accept non-Cisco optic modules without the hidden command "service unsupported transceiver" but the command still seems to be accepted.

We continue to use that hidden command, when using brand X optic modules, as to keep consistent configuration across multiple devices, but I think I notice this on the 3750X (with later IOS [not 15x though]) and on a sup7.