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SG-300 Switch x Meraki MX400 DHCP assignment oddities

I'm running a Meraki MX400 in concert with 6 Cisco SG300-52 switches. The switches are set up with MAC-based DHCP reservations through the Meraki appliance DHCP server. I'm in a situation with minimal/outdated network documentation and am trying to get a handle on the existing network, currently only two days in to the job. 


Each switch is configured across three subnet/VLANs. One segment (A) appears to assign the MAC-based reservation correctly, but the other one (B) is giving out normal DHCP leases despite having the MAC reservation set up, while the third (C) does not have MAC-based reservations set up.


However, if viewed in the Meraki client viewer, the switch appears to rotate randomly between showing the actual assigned IP from B, the reserved IP from A, and the regular DHCP IP from C. Clicking on the entry takes me to the correct details page for the switch, but it shows up as a fixed IP being the reserved IP from B, not any of the other addresses. The switch is not accessbile at its reserved IP from B, only at the random DHCP IP from subnet B and the reserved IP from A. It is not accessible through the IP assigned by C, but that is deliberate since C is a guest network.


Can anyone shed some light on what may be going on here? I'm stumped as to a. how this behavior can come about and b. how it hasn't had any apparent adverse effect on the network. Yes, I have double-checked the MAC addresses.

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