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SG 500 Switch Daily Cold Startup

Trying to wrap my head around a recent problem. For the past five days, we have a single SG 500 switch that is powering off and performing a cold startup daily. It happens every 24 hours on the dot. I checked the logs and I don't see any errors - I will just see an entry "INIT-IT-Startup: Cold Startup" Switch is running the latest firmware and has a static IP configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

That has to be a firmware bug , did you try downgrade to see if it stabilizes , waiting on an SMB firmware release may be a while if the current one is only new out ,they tend to release often as catalyst switches

only other thing can think of is someone set the reboot timer under administration -reboot section to go off every 24 hours

Is anything else powering off at that time ?

Thanks for the response Mark. A firmware bug is the first thing that I thought of also. What's odd, is that this device has been running this firmware for several months and we have 10 other models identical to this running the same firmware version.

yes that's the thing with bugs you would need to know the trigger that set it off, its going to reboot again anyway so i would set the last release up on it and see if that fixes it , if it doesn't it maybe a hardware issue and you could contact the specific SMB TAC team see if they can offer anything
Georg Pauwen
VIP Expert

On a side note, I am thinking that this could be a problem with the power (supply)...


Try and connect the switch to another power outlet...


I dug a little deeper in the logs, and I found that before each daily restart - 2/3 minutes before the "Cold Startup message the log entry below comes up:


Local7.Emerg OS - ITC - %OS-F-ITC: OSITCP_pipe_send: Pipe magic is invalid. Pipeid - 543516788, magic - 1684959075    ***** FATAL ERROR *****   Reporting Task: CNLD.  Software Version: (date  10-Jul-2017 time  17:07:33)  0x16bd2c  0x16c290  0x167e50  0x7ffb28  0x55d46c  0x55dd64  0x55df80  0x807a08  0x5a4620  0x5a4a2c  0x1223f0


The only suggestions I have done so far is to move the power cord to another outlet, and it did not make a difference.

Thanks Mark. Yes, I did see that reply. I was wondering if it would be worth trying to downgrade the firmware first, and if that doesn't work - then do a factory reset/manual config.

yes thats what i would be doing first rule out current firmware with downgrade then factory reset and then maybe last choice but RMA it if under support and still an issue as could be the board itself gone faulty