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Tech Merlin

SG200-26 brief disconnects

We have 6 sg200-26 switches in our LAN. 2 of these have the mini GBIC modules installed connecting a fiber connection from our second building, they are about 5 years old.

Last week we switched 2 of these in our main building for SG220-50's to allow for some expansion in one area and consolidate 2 switches into one on a second floor.

After adding in the 220's users in our other building were dropping connections briefly on a SQL application we use from time to time.

I ran simple pings to the sg200 switch in that building housing the fiber module and a simple ping to the sg200 on the 2nd floor in the building as well and one to the switch with the fiber module in the main building.

I found the sg200's seem to become unavailiable for approximately 15-20 seconds periodically ( each separately) which disconnected the users from the SQL app.

I noticed the new sg220's had QOS off so I turned it off on the older 200's as this seemed very much a software issue vs cabling or such as nothing else has changed with respect to cabling and we do not use VOIP on this network or video streaming.

This continued so I saw the 220's also had Spanning tree (STP) as flooding where the 200's were not so I set them all the same but seem to have the same  sporadic disconnects on the 200's.

I'm going to update the firmware on the 200's to the newest firmware now as they are back a ways. Does anyone have any insight or experience with this issue?

Again I really feel it is software and thinking a protocol may be different ( newer) on the 220's and the 200's are not understanding properly but it's driving me nuts :-)

Thanks in advance