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SG350x-48 vlans and layer 3 setup

I have used the SG300 numerous times in layer 3 mode to route between vlans with no problem. This SG350X however is totally new and I can not make it work. Each port can be set individually to layer 2 or 3 instead of the entire switch.  Any port set to layer 3 can not communicate to anything! With the ports in layer 2 mode (the default) I can get all of my vlans to communicate to the internet via my firewall/router. (Yes I have return routes in the router back to the SG350X) . I can NOT get inter-vlan routing to work at all. The whole point of purchasing a switch with layer 3 in it is to let it do the routing. I do not want my internet router doing the entire network routing.


I can not find ANY documentation or examples of how to use the layer 3 mode on a port. Help????



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Re: SG350x-48 vlans and layer 3 setup



reading through the admin guide (attached) it sounds like the SG350X cannot do inter Vlan routing, and you need an external router:


VLAN Roles
VLANs function at Layer 2. All VLAN traffic (Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast) remains within
its VLAN. Devices attached to different VLANs do not have direct connectivity to each other
over the Ethernet MAC layer. Devices from different VLANs can communicate with each
other only through Layer 3 routers. An IP router, for example, is required to route IP traffic
between VLANs if each VLAN represents an IP subnet.
The IP router might be a traditional router, where each of its interfaces connects to only one
VLAN. Traffic to and from a traditional IP router must be VLAN untagged. The IP router can
be a VLAN-aware router, where each of its interfaces can connect to one or more VLANs.
Traffic to and from a VLAN-aware IP router can be VLAN tagged or untagged.


Re: SG350x-48 vlans and layer 3 setup

I sure hope that is not true. It would mean they took away functionality between the 300 and the 350X and I purchased a piece of junk. My 300 was hit by lightning and in replacing it I figured I would stick with the latest and greatest model. It is starting to appear I made a mistake and should have purchased the HP. 


That said, there are layer 2 / layer 3 settings on each port. I would hope there is a way to do what the older model did, I just need to figure it out.  Thank you for the reply.

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Re: SG350x-48 vlans and layer 3 setup



actually I am not really sure why they would put this in the admin guide, as it would be reallly weird for the SG350 to all of a sudden become just a dumb layer 2 switch.


Check the document below:


Layer 3 InterVLAN Routing Configuration on 300 Series Managed Switch

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