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SG350X-48MP DHCP binding - NACK for the same laptop

I have an SG350X-48MP managing DHCP for a company we support. I have set up a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) server to automate laptop builds. What I'm find is the following:
  1. Connect a brand new laptop out of the box and PXE boot to MDT (same issue with test virtual machine builds also)
  2. IP address is assigned and first part of the Preinstallation Environment download proceeds
  3. MDT then complains about an issue... but actually relates to not having an IP... confirmed by F8 and ipconfig /all showing a 169.154.x.x APIPA address. Can't proceed, 'Try again' button returns to same error dialogue box
  4. A Wireshark dump shows that the laptop is attempting to request/renew the IP address again, but the switch is sending NACKs. This just loops with the laptop requesting the IP and being sent NACKs... Discover, Offer, Request, NACK.
  5. On the Cisco switch... DHCP Server > Address Bindings, Locate MAC address, select the related binding and delete it.
  6. Hit 'Try again' button in MDT and the machine is granted an IP address and the install continues normally.
  7. Not ideal to have to remove the binding every time.

I'm not familiar with these switches so unsure what the issue is or how to troubleshoot further. Any advice on what is happening here? Is this somehow by design? Is there a workaround or option I need to configure? Hitting a brick wall here.



VIP Expert



when you clear the binding, is the MAC address displayed the actual real, physical MAC address of the laptop ?


It is kind of hard to troubleshoot this, but you might want to try and enable DHCP snooping and (DHCP Relay if applicable) on the SG350X (page 275 of the attached guide). Enable one interface and see if that problem disappears...


Thanks Georg.


Yes the MAC address is the physical MAC, I just compared the one I noted earlier to the 'ipconfig /all' result after the physical machine completed the build process and they are one and same MAC.


Never done the snooping/DHCP relay before but will read your link and see if I can enable them.


Thanks. Will report back.




curious to know what will work, as this seems uncharted territory. I could not find a single document on how to configure the SG350X in combination with MDT...


Hi, yes, not a lot of info out there to go on is there!?


I was unable to enable the DHCP relay option as the switch is already the DHCP server (It will not permit enabling if the DHCP server is the switch). I enabled DHCP snooping globally and set all interfaces to Trusted, but this made no difference. I was unsure why this feature for DHCP security would have a positive effect anyway. From reading about this it appears to be used to prevent MITM attacks with rogue DHCP servers. Perhaps I'm overlooking something fundamental here?


I think I will try changing the DHCP server back to the ASA router this evening and see if I can enable an IP Helper on the router. I read that this is the preferred method for use with MDT (over DHCP Options).

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