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SG350XG-24T SFP+ Module Issue

Hi All,


Looking for some help with a fiber connection I have been trying to setup between 2 Cisco SG350XG-24T in different cities.

We have a dedicated 10G service, using LANPHY, single-mode fiber (dual-strands), at 1310nm wavelength. 

The ISPs have left a SC connection at Site 1 and a LC connection at Site 2. I have connected the relevant single mode cables to give me an LC connection at each site. 

I purchase 2 of the following transceivers (one for Site 1 & one for Site 2) -

The problem is. when insert the transceivers into the SFP+ ports in both switches and connect the cables the line seems dead.

Additionally, when I go 'Status and Statistics>Diagnostics>Optical Module Status' I don't see the transceiver listed (on either switch)

Another point - currently both SFP+ on both switches are set to stacking mode (as they are stacked to one other switch each). I plan on changing this and stacking these switches through an Ethernet port with a CAT6.A connection but I would still expect to see the Optical Transceiver listed in the 'Status and Statistics>Diagnostics>Optical Module Status'


Thanks in advanced for the assistance

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert


The link below to Amazon you posted is for Ubiquit switch and not Cisco. So, the transceiver may not be compatible with the Cisco switch.

Depending on the distance and if the fiber is good end-to-end, you may want to look at one of these transceivers in this link:

Their products usually work with Cisco with no issues.





Thanks for the response Reza.

Ah, I see it mentioned Ubiquiti but it also mentioned it was Cisco compatible which I was hoping it was.

Thank you for the link to the alternatives.

As for the distance to the demarc that the ISPs left to the switches, it is a couple of feet. The distance between the sites 300-350 miles.

I imagine the following transceiver will do the trick -

My apologies if I'm asking silly questions, it is just that I have never purchased transceivers before   



I think that both "SFP-10G-LR-S" or "SFP-10G-LR" should work fine. I also checked the Cisco compatibility matrix and both are listed there as compatible as long as you are running or a later version. Here is the link to the list:


My apologies if I'm asking silly questions, it is just that I have never purchased transceivers before

No need to apologize. These things actually can get complicated and frustrating even for people like me who have done this for a long time.