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SG500 and SG300 Support for non Cisco IP Phones

Nathan Johnson

Hello everyone!  I'm looking for some information about IP phone support on the SG300 and SG500 Small Business switches.  I recently took a job for an automotive dealership group with about 200 employees at 6 different stores all located in the same geographical area and mostly interconnected via fiber.  We get our VoIP service from a provider out of New York.  Currently our network is a huge mess consisting of a melting pot of non-managed 4, 5, 12, 16, and 24 port switches scattered all over the place with the data network and the voice network completely separate.  Our IP phones are about the same.  Mostly consisting of Polycom, Panasonic, and Aastra IP phones.  In the next couple of months we are going to start upgrading our network infrastructure and I'm leaning towards the SG500 in all of our wiring closets and a couple of SG300s in areas where I can't easily get new cable to.  Does anyone have any experience in using non-Cisco IP phones on the SG series switches, or can someone confirm that non-Cisco IP phones will work with the SG series switches?  I would assume there would be no issues in doing so, but I just wanted to try and confirm before we sank a lot of money into a new switch infrastructure.  I have used the SG300 series several times before and they seemed to be great switches for the cost, but I've never used them in conjunction with VoIP.



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Hello, Nathan. 

The Cisco SG500 and SG300 series is a good option for supporting variety of IP phone vendors. I also suggest double checking the PoE standard that the non-Cisco IP Phone use, as Cisco SG500 and 300 series mostly use 802.3af and 802.3at. Cross-stack QoS is also a good administration feature managing stacked SG500 switches. 

Let me know what kind of information you need or let me know if you have additional concerns. You can also e-mail ( me as well. Kind regards. 

Thanks Adawa!  I'll verify the PoE specs on the various different models of phones we have.


Hi, Nathan.

Have you verified the PoE specs on the phones that you have? How is your switches requirement?

If you need further assistance, kindly email me at

Happy to Serve!


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