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Siemens HiPath PBX not answering when connected in 2960 class switches

Hi guys,

I have some HiPath PBXs connected in the network using a dedicated VLAN.

While their uplink is a UTP port in any 2950 class Cisco switch, everything is working fine.

When replacing the switch with a newer 2960 class. not working anymore.

Moving back to 2950 - start working again.

Switches have same VLAN configuration, port configuration... everything identical except switch model.


This happens for HiPath 4000 as well as HiPath 3000 PBXs.


If any idea on this... much appreciated.

Thank you,


Andras Dosztal

Did you check default settings too? "sh run interface x/y all"

Hi Andras,


Just looked at them on the 2960 switch, but I can't make anything as being an issue. Pasted here below.

On the old 2950, I can only see that interface is configured in the same vlan 15 - all that was shown - does not recognize "sh run all" command.

Many thanks!


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/24
 description HiPath local
 switchport access vlan 15
 no switchport nonegotiate
 no switchport protected
 no switchport block multicast
 no switchport block unicast
 no ip arp inspection trust
 ip arp inspection limit rate 15 burst interval 1
 ip arp inspection limit rate 15
 no shutdown
 duplex full
 ipv6 mld snooping tcn flood
 snmp trap mac-notification change added
 snmp trap mac-notification change removed
 snmp trap link-status
 mls qos cos 0
 cdp tlv location
 cdp tlv server-location
 cdp tlv app
 spanning-tree port-priority 3
 spanning-tree cost 3
 ip igmp snooping tcn flood

and BTW... if I replace the PBX with a laptop with the same IP settings and connect in 2960, it is visible in the network, answering to ping. The PBX is not replying when connected in 2960, so I suppose could be some HiPath specific settings to see... Unfortunately, I am not a specialist in PBXs so I can only try something on the Cisco side...

If you try some basic config:

default int gix/x

int gix/x

switport mode access

switchport access vlan 15

spanning-tree portfast enable

same issue?


Hi Catalin,

did you find the root cause of your problem?

I'm having a similar problem... exactly not the same devices but quite similar problem.

Any clue would help!!

Thanks in advance and hope this message reaches you.


Unfortunately, no, still in the same situation. Just in case you'll find something, please share with me :)

All the best,