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simple DMZ private vlan config

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Hi All

I am looking at setting up private vlans for my DMZ so hosts cannot talk directly to each other, they only need to talk to the firewall.

We have a HA firewall and 2 switches, each firewall connects to a separate switch, and the switches have a trunk port to each other.

What is the simpliest way to do this?

could I just used the switchport protected (pvlan edge type) command on the servers connected in the DMZ and that would be enough? or do I need to set up the full blown private vlan setup with primary and secondary vlans? if so how would that look?



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you could put the hosts into separate vlans then on a routed interface on the switch (if its L3) or the firewalls, you could implement ACLs - first deny to dest of other vlans then permit any

or you could implement pvlans on the switches

never seen switchport protected used much in prodution networks

regards, mk

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That is not really what we are looking to achieve.

Actually come to think of it, the actual servers will be on a blade enclosure which there will be multiple servers going through the same port, how would we isolate these from each other if coming off the same port to a blade switch?


if servers are in different vlans - then potentially a trunk port to the switch with SVIs for the different vlans?

regards, mk

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