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Simple Spanning situation and its has me going crazy


So im doing an event where im getting a p2p shot for my internet. And at our main office is not exactly that close to the link we have a fiber running connecting to a switch near by that is bringing the internet back on a vlan. Now we also have a point to point shot coming from the same switch incase something happens to our cable connecting the ISP point to point to the switch. My goal was to connect the two switches both the fiber link and the p2p link. But whenever I connect them both. It will send all the traffic over the point to point link and not the wired link. I am having a hard time getting the switches to use the wired link inside of the p2p.. 

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can you draw topology ?

Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame Master

Hello @joshhboss ,

increase the spanning-tree cost on the wireless point to point interfaces by using

spanning-tree cost 10000

in interface configuration mode on both switches

in this way the fiber link should be preferred

Hope to help



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