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Slow Speed for Moving (or Copying) files from network shared folder to folder..


We have network pology like below

Data Center (Server name: superman) ------------------- MPLS ---------------- HQ (User)

let us say that  name of server is "superman".  One user in HQ copied one big file (1GB) from //superman/financil to //userpman/operation.

It took forever, and we noticed that when she copied (or moved) file from sub folder to another sub folder, traffic goes to HQ through MPLS and come back from HQ to Data Center (below snapshoot)

It did not matter whether sub directory or not. In other words, superman network drive was shared in HQ, any file (or folder) takes forever to move (or copy) to different folder in \\superman

She has a shared folder named (//superman) Under superman folder, there are deparments folders. ie financial , IT, operation, HR etc.

So, I tested by myself who has admin priviege for all systems. When I tested I have same issue. it consumes all MPLS bandwidth both in and out like below. When you look at graph, traffic comes and back same amount when I copied (or moved)


When I googled I found that mapped drive vs UNC speed, but it doesn't help a lot. UNC seems like little faster than mapped drive, however I expected like moving big file from my local computer's folder to my local desktop (1 sec).

When I talked to my server team, they said it is normal because windows explorer uses cache for this copy (or move).

It is really true?

Thanks for your knowledge and time.

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Slow Speed for Moving (or Copying) files from network shared fol

I was not able to address this issue. I am going to update ASAP when I have a solution.

Re: Slow Speed for Moving (or Copying) files from network shared fol

all we want is speed when copying files...
i used some third party softweres for copying large files and almost it works great...currently i use gs rich copy 360 which is equally usefull to compare with others
..but as i say all we want is speed, so it gives me better speed then is my opinion may be others are also good.

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