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Small Office Switch Questions

Hi Guys,

Have a small office I need to setup with a few requirements.

I need to replace some unmanaged switches with one or two managed devices to better facilitate bandwith and general managment. There will be 5/6 VLANS (VOIP, Users, Wifi, CCTV ect), between 24 and 48 workstations requiring gigabit speeds and around 15 VOIP phones and 5 IP Cameras.

Due to costs, i'm quite happy to go with a 24port 1000base switch and a 48port 10/100base POE switch (as I can bounce lots of devices that don't need 1000 like printers and accesspoints down to the POE switch). I was looking originally at the 3750 series (1000 and 100 and using the stacking ports) but the cost may be a little high.

Used switches are not a real problem (unless anyone can advise on some really good reasons why) so picking up old cat hardware and getting the latest images are a option. Ideally, I want to spend under 1500 USD on something like this, but if it could be sub $1000 that would be great. In terms of the POE device, it needs to be standard POE not Cisco Pre-Standard.

Happy to keep in the same series even if it's older.

I've seen the small business series, but it seems that by the time you spend the money on two switches, you're nearly upto the prices of two used cats.

Any thoughts on those?



If used or refurbished switches are a possibility, there is always ebay:

Here's a top rated seller/store listing for a PoE 24-port 10/100 3750 for less than $500.  You could get two for under the grand you wish to spend and have 48 PoE ports in case you need to deploy more powered devices like APs, IP phones, or cameras.  As for your Gigabit speed requirements, you're looking at at least 1k for a single older Gigabit switch.  I would try to determine if your device are actually needing Gigabit speeds first, then deciding accordingly.  Also, what are your upstream/uplink requirements to your core switch or router?

Hope this helps.


If you don't require layer 3 then you could look at the 2960S model. You can stack these switches and also get in Poe and non power. I think they are all 10/100/1000. I have purchased refurbished and new from IT outlet and have been pleased with their prices. Refurb comes with 5 year warranty.

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I was looking originally at the 3750 series (1000 and 100 and using the stacking ports) but the cost may be a little high.

You will no longer be able to purchase FastEthernet 3750 as Cisco has announced the End-of-Sale of the 10/100BaseTx of the 3560 and 3750 since January 2011.  Cisco has also announced the End-of-Sale of the 3560G/E and 3750G/E back in March 2012.

So this leaves you with the 3560X and the 3750X and I can assure you this variety doesn't come cheap at all. 

This leaves you with the last remaining stack-capable model, the 2960S.  Like what Paul has said, the 2960S is a "triple speed" variety:  10/100/1000BaseTx.  You can have uplinks of 1 Gbps fibre or 10 Gbps fibre.  You can have "half" PoE or Full PoE.

But what sets the 2960S different from the 3750X (in terms of stacking) is the amount of switches in a stack.  The 3750X can support up to nine but the 2960S can support up to four.  This factor was set deliberately to prevent potential users to choose the cheaper 2960S instead of the 3750X.

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