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Some of POE ports not working in 3850F-S 48 port switch



I am facing a strange problem that some of the POE ports are not working. The end devices are 3602I access points and these access points work when they are plugged into some other ports. We checked the cables and seems to be fine. The access point does not power up at all when they are connected to these problematic ports. This issue is driving me crazy.Please help me to sort it out.


Thanks in advance 

Shabeeb Kunhipocker

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Leo Laohoo
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Post the complete output to the command "sh power inline <PORT>".

SIM-MP-GF-ACCSW2#sh power inline gigabitEthernet 4/0/3
Interface Admin  Oper       Power   Device              Class Max
--------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ----
Gi4/0/3   auto   off        0.0     n/a                 n/a   30.0



Thanks in advance




So when you ran the command "sh power inline Gi4/0/3" was the AP connected to one of this problematic ports?  

Hi Leo,


Yes the AP was connected.


One more thing I found today is that another port on this switch is giving power to an IP phone even if I shut down the port manually with "shut" command. I tried to give "power inline never" command also, but still the IP phone is getting power from the port. But show power inline says that no power is given on this port. I believe something strange is happening with this switch.


Thanks and Regards



use command "show power inline " and check the used/remaining power. Power will be provided based on the PoE devices capability & vary depend on the Phone model.


Use Cisco Power calculator tool to know how much power can be provided/support by your switch




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