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SPAN port all calls are recording except toll free number

i am using CUCM V.10 and correctly configure span port on on switch interface, all calls are recording except toll free numbers like 800-xxxxxx, i am using 3rd party software called speechlog, can somebody assist me where is the problem? and why 800..... numbers are not recording ???

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If you perform a packet

If you perform a packet capture on the span switch port, are you able to see the signaling and media from a toll-free call? If yes then you need to reach out to your recording vendor for support. If not, ask yourself what is different about your call routing is different for toll-free calls that doesn't touch the switch port(s) that you're spanning (e.g. different PSTN gateway).


even though if there is

even though if there is different PSTN gateway, it is voice packets it should record voice data, i am not a voice engineer, if you shed some light what you mean different PSTN gateways.

Problem solved, when we call

Problem solved, when we call to 800 toll free number call manager automatically added number 9 before extension e.g: actual ext.549 convert to 9549, if an extension place Internationale or internal call it will record call without any problem as we configured ext. 549 in third party software.

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