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Marcus Burks

SRW224G4P firmware upgrade

We have about 30 SRW224G4P switches throughout our network(each one located at remote site) and we have been having problems with these locking up.  Normal symptoms are; I can ping the switch but cannot get to the login promot via telnet, ssh, or web-gui even though the ports are open.  Also devices plugged into the switch after this happens canont reach my router for DHCP. 

I did a firmware upgrade to "SRW224G4P_SRW248G4P_image.bix" on one of the switches at our office and this seemed to fix the problems however after the upgrade was compete the config was blank.  Is that suppose to happen or did I miss something?  I would like to upgrade the firmware on all my our SRW224G4P switches without having to travel to each remote location and reconfigure each switch after the upgrade.


Did you ever get anywhere with this?  I've just upgraded a SRW224G4P to 1.3.1 to try to solve some SNMP problems, and the SNMP is working well, but the web interface is blank on all browsers.

I've power cycled it to no avail...

We were not able to move forward with remotly upgrading the switches cause some of them lost their config after the upgrade.  Even after the upgrade was successful we still had some intermitted problems.

In the end we replaced all of these switches with HP Pro Curves.  They cost more but work MUCH better.

Well, further inpection of the HTTP shows:

so I had to telnet in, reset the configuration, reboot, go back to the default IP (192168.1.254) and reconfigure everything.

Yeah, it's going to have to be HP or Cisco professional series switches from now on, reading the release notes for the 1.3.1 firmware for the SRW224G4P just makes me cringe.  Firmware should not be outsourced to Elbonia.

Ah, it's even wierder than that, if you goto the IP address:

then it works.

If you goto the name:

then it sends you the "close window" command.

There was something in the release notes about a blank UI problem not being reproducible, and that you should delete your cookies, but that didn't help.

in my experience, once the switch goes berserk, it doesn't matter whether I hit the IP or the hostname. I wonder if it has something to do with non-closing admin connections to the web interface...?


I've been "working" with an SRW224G4P in the office for a few years now, and I'm afraid that the unit has been more of a headache than it is worth. Problems I've encountered include the switch spontaneously rebooting when laden with multiple PoE devices (maybe 80% of capacity?) and the notorious "window.close()" issue.

I've recently replaced the switch with a new Dell PowerConnect unit and I've cleared reset the firmware on the SRW224G4P. I'll do a bit of experimentation and see if I can consistently reproduce the window.close() issue. Not that it'll help any of us out since Cisco has End of Lifed the product, meaning that there will no longer be any firmware updates... which is a pity since the SRW224G4P's firmware was always a bit daft...