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Switch port wih multi-vlan for voice and data?? Help....


Hi guys,

I've a situation where my VOIP and DATA on a different segments. Voice is 10.x.x.x riding on VLAN 701. And my data is 192.x.x.x riding on VLAN 100.

The problem occur when our receptionist PC have a software installed for call forwarding for our general line. This software need to be on the same vlan with the IP Phone vlan which is 701. If I put her PC on those vlan, she can't access

to our LAN which is vlan 100. So she can't check her email etc.

Can I know what is the options I have? Can I configured multi-vlan for her PC on the switch? We are using Cisco PoE 3560 switch. Thanks.

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Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame Mentor Hall of Fame Mentor
Hall of Fame Mentor

It sounds like you have some kind of security setup between Vlan701 and Vlan100.

When the PC boots up, does it obtain an IP address from Vlan701? Can the PC ping the gateway from Vlan701? Anything past that?

Unable to access email may be a DNS issue, are you sending the DNS information to devices on that scope via DHCP?





Thanks. I've already solved it by not putting the pc on neither vlan 701 or 100. The pc is getting the DHCP IP and able to ping the PABX IP as well. Problem solved! Thanks.

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