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Switch Rate-Lmit per port


I need to implement a scenario to one of my customers, he needs:

  • Limit the Interfaces to a specific bandwidth ( 4 Mbps , 10 Mbps , 20 Mbps )
  • all the interfaces will have the same gate-way IP( Router IP)

customer has a Switch (3560-48PS) and a Router, and I suggested to :

  • assign all the interface to single VLAN and to enable all the interfaces to access.
  • Enable rate-Limit per port.

Now I am not able to apply the rate Limit in both directions as the srr-queue bandwidth limit is not working in the outgoing direction I don't Know Why and I am not able to trouble shoot in the switch to know if it is working or not. 

any suggestions 

used IOS: 

  • c3560-ipbase-mz.122-35.SE5


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you would need to use

you would need to use policers for inbound traffic and srr bandwidth limit for outbound traffic.  

I want to check if my below

I want to check if my below configuration is correct or no

I need to rate limit all the traffic entering the Fa0/45 to 20 Mbps, so I need to check if the below configuration matches this need


mls qos aggregate-policer 20Mbps-Limit-MLS 20000000 8000 exceed-action drop
mls qos



class-map match-all ipclass1
match access-group 1
class-map match-all 4Mbps-Policy-agg
policy-map 20Mbps-Policy-agg
class ipclass1
police aggregate 20Mbps-Limit-MLS
trust cos

access-list 1 permit any
interface FastEthernet0/1
description "20M-Rate-Limit-Port"
switchport access vlan 20
switchport mode access
service-policy input 20Mbps-Policy-agg

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