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Switch to behave as a router

Is there any possibility to make a switch acts like a router? Please mention the steps what to do to  make this happens.


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Hi CHinmoy,

There is an issue, i am able to assign an IP address after using no switchport command and ip routing command also works on my switch (3560), but the problem is i am not able to configure ospf routing protocol while other protocols(eigrp, rip etc) are running fine on this switch, it gives the error "Protocol not in the image" whenever i run "router ospf 1" command on it, do i have to install new image on it? if yes then which image needs to install? Currently version 12.2 is being installed in it. Please Guide and help

Dear Jahan,

What image are you using?

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Its LAN base k9...version 12.2

Dear Jahan,

Although IPBASE version 12.2(55)SE do support OSPF, but I would suggest you to go with IPSERVICES for better result.

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Which IOS do i need for IPservices?

Hi Jahan,

You could go with IPSERVICE ver 12.2(46)SE.

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Yes it is possible. But that depends whether you have a Layer 2 or a Layer 3 switch. For example a Cisco 2950 switch is Layer 2 so cannot use 'routed ports'. A Cisco 3850 switch for example is a Layer 3 capable so can use layer 3 functions.


Under an interface on a layer 3 switch you can use the command #no switchport and this will make the port a 'Routed port' - you can then add IP addresses to the port and participate in routing etc.

Ali Gheidarpour

It depends, because we have switches with multilayer capabilities and simple switches that are layer 2 capable.  In these 2 types of switches we have some features that help us to route layer 2 and layer 3 traffic, but in multilayer switches you can switch between L2 to L3 with simple command on port itself "switchport" for layer 2 and "no switchport" plus IP address and related stuff for layer 3, also by grouping some ports on a VLAN and other ports to another VLAN you can route between them but these  steps just change the ports behavior not the whole system,  to do that you can use "ip routing" in configuration mode, as I mentioned these steps only work on multilayer switches that are inter-VLAN and routed ports capable, on layer 2 switches like  2900XL/3500XL/2940/2950/2970 series switches or new 2960 and 2960S series switches regardless of the type of IOS image which is installed on them, like LAN lite or LAN base, the architecture of the switch is layer 2 only, so we don't have "IP ROUTING" command on configuration mode and "no switchport" under interfaces,  so the only possible way to route traffic is routing between VLANs with an external router that called "router on a stick" that connected to the switch with 802.1Q trunk and bunch of subinterfaces for those VLANs as a gateway for each.


Ali Gheidarpour

Note the user is asking in Small Business kind of community. So forget 2900XL/3500XL/2940/2950/2970 or so ...

Edit: user clarified the issue is related to 3560, so your advice apply. Wrong community has been selected for such kind of question, the thread will be moved.

Thanks for your note Dan




Thanks for the explanation, i have 3560 switch, can i use L3 capabilities in it? Please reply/


As already mentioned, yes you can use L3 capabilities which are enabled by default on 3560 platforms. If you tell us what are you trying to do we would give you an ad-hoc answer based on your needs.

Regards | Aref.