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Switches Oozing Clear liquid

Hey, on our mine site in one of the subs we are using Cisco Switches, model  IE3010 24TC and  IE3010 16S 8PC. During a routine inspection today i noticed that a clear thick liquid has been dripping out of all three switches, in the center of the underside of the switch,

Enginners etc have had a look but no one knows what this could be? Any ideas?



Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Rat pee?

haha its clear and thick, must be a well hydrated rat

must be a well hydrated rat

A well hydrated rat living in a Rio Tinto compound?  Yes, there is such a thing.  

We've had rodents "living" above our switches.  The mess they leave is disease filled so take caution.


Perhaps your Switches are sweating under the load!....In all seriousness, that liquid doesn't seem to have any obvious entry points from where it came, so it looks like something either was purposely put there which was wet, or like other people have suggested you have a pest problem.

I have exactly the same problem in one of our substations. Same droplets hanging from the middle bottom of the switches at the vent perforations. No signs of moisture ingress elsewhere in the panel or on top of the switches. The panels are vermin protected and there are no signs of vermin ingress either. Two of the three switches in the panel have this droplets and some dripping on equipment below them.


It's a thick clear liquid that has no detectable odor. It's too viscous to be water based moisture. 

Have you had any other feedback on your issue? 

OK so after reporting my findings to the asset owner, they had responded back and informed me that this is a known problem. Apparently the switches has an oil based cooling system integrated into them and it's this cooling liquid that is leaking.