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TCAM Allocation Failure


Have a pair of N7K switches (hot standby) running 6.1.  Adding a PBR to a VLAN interface, one switch accepts the command no problem, the other I get "% Could not apply PBR route-map - Tcam Allocation Failure".  Tried rebooting the switch, no change.  This is the only PBR on the switches.  If I try to apply the PBR map to a different VLAN interface, it works.

We're cutting over to 9k switches next month, so I don't want to spend a ton of time on this, just wondering if there are any quick fixes I can try. 

Any input is appreciated.

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 - You may try latest advisory release , if feasible and applicable


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""" If I try to apply the PBR map to a different VLAN interface"""

I think this not relate to TCAM it relate to set <> under PBR I think, 
share the PBR let me check it 

ip access-list pbr-acl
permit ip host 10.*.*.* any

ip access-list pbr-deny1-acl
permit ip host 10.*.*.*
ip access-list pbr-deny2-acl
permit ip host 10.*.*.*
ip access-list pbr-deny3-acl
permit ip host 10.*.*.*

route-map pbr-map deny 10
match ip address pbr-deny1-acl
route-map pbr-map deny 20
match ip address pbr-deny2-acl
route-map pbr-map deny 30
match ip address pbr-deny3-acl
route-map pbr-map permit 40
match ip address pbr-acl
set ip next-hop 10.*.*.*

int vlan***
ip policy route-map pbr-map