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TenGig ports 5-8 on WS-X45-SUP8-E

We do have 2 Catalyst 4507R+E with 2 WS-X45-SUP8-E supervisros each, total 4 supervisors. The 4507R+E are configured with VSS, currently using TenGig 1-2 on each supervisor.
Each supervisor has 8 TenGig ports, but currently for an unknown reason to us ports 5 to 8 are not working, nor we can activate/use them

Philip D'Ath

What happens when you try to use them?  What does "show interface" report?  What sort of SFP+ or cable are you trying to plug in?  When you plug in the SFP+ what appears in the log?

i try to used cable no SFP+,  this is the out put commad sh int repo

sh interfaces tenGigabitEthernet 1/3/8 rep
Interface Seg-id Type LinkOp Role
------------------------ ------ --------------- ----------- ----
TenGigabitEthernet1/3/8 disabled

They are SFP+ ports ... what kind of cable are you trying to use?

i used 10GBase-CU 3M come to the switch 

That cable has an SFP+ connector, so that is good.  Does the cable show up in "show inventory"?

If you remove and then plug the cable back in what appears in the switch log?

yes show perfect on switch log when remove and  plug, the funny thinks in the sup port 1,2 and 3,4 show active, 5-8 show different  

The supervisors go into slots 5 and 6.  How are you you getting 1/3/8?

Cisco Employee


Actually, there is a limitation/restriction on sup8E board. When you use sup8e either in RPR or SSO mode, only the first four uplinks on each supervisor engine are available. The second set of four uplinks are unavailable.

Regarding the uplink BW, when the daughter card is activated, Supervisor Engine 8-E baseboard uplink bandwidth is restricted to 40G as the default configuration in a ten-slot chassis.

 In non-redundancy mode, the supervisor can support the first 4 active interfaces.

 In redundancy mode, the first two interfaces on both the active and the standby supervisors become active.

In your case, you have a redundant sup installed and you see port 1-4 as active and remaining 5-8 as disabled. Since you using dual-sup, usually you should see first 2 ports in each sup to be in active/up state.

What you see in your situation is expected.

Sending a nice CCO link for your reference. Please go through

- Chandan

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What does it mean by "Supervisor Engine 7-E Uplink Mode on Supervisor Engine 8-E".

What is the uplink mode?  If you only have Sup8-E's why does this apply?

SUP7E Mode would make uplink configuration of SUP8E look like SUP7E. That is, SUP8E would have only 4 Uplinks (instead of 8) in this mode. Also, in a HA setup, first 2 ports on both active and standby are enabled (similar to SUP7E HA mode).

This would help in SUP7E migrations to SUP8E (No configuration changes needed w.r.t uplinks).

thanks for the post. Although product is near EoL it still begs the question-why would Cisco sell an Sup8, advertised with 8 1/10GB ports, only to allow 4 to be used as 10GB ports? 

According to Chsarkar's reference, the sup8E can run 8 x 10g concurrently. However, it requires the "correct" configuration. Also if you have two 8E sups, 8 x10g can also be supported, although as 4 x 10g on each 8E sup card.

Hi experts,
I would like to be confirmed or corrected if I am wrong

If I have a Catalyst 4507R + E with 2 8-E supervisors (Active - Standby)
How many ports the supervisor can use, each one has 8 fiber ports that work at 1 or 10GB,
Can I use the 8 ports or only 4 ports work for each supervisor?
I say that since we are sizing servers and we are seeing the possibility of using those ports of the supervisor to buy a 10GB line card.

I will appreciate your valuable support.
Carlos P.

I have the same doubt,
I have an 8-E supervisor (Active - Standby) and I already have 1GB and 10GB links connected,
How are you connected now, I explain.
I have in the First Supervisor 2 links of 1GB and in the 2nd Supervisor 1 link of 1GB and 1 link of 10GB and it is working fine,

I have 2 SFP links left for each supervisor, my question is?
Can I connect 2 10GB links for each supervisor?

I understand that of the 8 ports that the supervisor has, only 4 ports work.

I will appreciate your comments.