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Traffic flow just one way on the LACP Loadbalancing

Hongju Jung

                   Dear Engineer all

I have some problem with LACP Loadbalancing issue as below matter.

3560 --------------------------

          -------------------------- Server

Between theos system connection with LACP ether channel (3560) and temming config( Server side that is Linux OS)

so, we are observation how to flow traffice between theos system that's why we just capture traffic from the 3560 system

but we have resulted as below one.

1, traffic were flow just one port continuesouly

2, one port have rx traffic and other port have only tx traffic . only them

we are tried to serveral times changed the port-channel option and server teamming option

there is still come out resulted just two kind all..

Please let me know how to correct taken traffic throught the interface

if anybody know about how to fix the above issue or efficially documentation, please let me know it or added link


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Peter Paluch
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Hello Hongju,

Please post the parts of the 3560 configuration that are relevant to your EtherChannel (i.e. the configuration of the Port-channel interface and the related physical interfaces, plus the output of the show etherchannel load-balance command). Also please post the configuration of the Linux box (I assume you are using the "channel bonding" on the Linux side).

Best regards,


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