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trouble configuring VACL


I have a WS-C3850-48U switch running IOS ver 16.6.8


I'm trying to configure VACL to forward all traffic from a specific VLAN to a capture port.  The issues are the following  **I know that I can use SPAN but there is a reason I'm not**

  This is the command I'm trying to run 

vlan access-map SNIFFING 10
match ip address SNIFFING  **this is the name of my extended access list
action forward capture


The problem is that after I type "action forward" the only option I have is to hit return.  I cannot enter "capture"


Second problem is that I cannot set the interface as a capture port.

after entering switchport I cannot enter the word capture to set the interface as the capture port.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


paul driver
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VIP Expert

To mirror (span) a vlan on a 3850 you would usually create a monitoring session not vacl,

example 1:  scr/dest same switch
monitor session x source interface vlan 10 
monitor session x destination interface x/x encapsulation replicate


monitor session x source interface x/x ( trunk-port)
monitor session x filter vlan 10
monitor session x destination interface x/x encapsulation replicate


example 2:  scr/dest same different switch

remote span

monitor session x source interface x/x 
monitor session x destination remote vlan 10

monitor session x source  remote vlan 10
monitor session x destination  interface x/x 


Can you show 
sh sdm prefer

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Thank you for your response but I'm trying to do this utilizing VACL.  I know how to do it using SPAN.

Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



as far as I recall, the availability of the 'action forward capture' option is very much platform specific, I don't think the 3850 supports it. Can you configure the below on the capture interface to-be on the 3850 ?


3850r(config-if)# switchport capture

No I was not able to issue the switchport capture command on the interface.  Now I'm wondering if there is a list of the platforms that you can use the capture command on.



good question. I could not find a comprehensive list of supported platforms, the best you can usually find is the minimum IOS version that supports a command...

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