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Trying to get voice VLAN working between different VTP domains

Level 3
Level 3



Router (router on a stick) - Trunk Port - Layer 2 switch - Access Port - Layer 3 switch1 - Routed port - Layer 3 switch2 - Routed port - Layer 3 switch3


The complete topology is much more complicated, but I'm only detailing the relevant links.


Site A is from the router to the Layer 2 switch. It's in a VTP domain. Data on VLAN 21 and Voice on VLAN 421.


Site B is from Layer 3 switch1 to Layer 3 switch3. They are not in a VTP domain. Data on VLAN 1 and Voice on VLAN 140.


Currently, the link between the Layer 2 switch and Layer 3 switch1 is configured as an access port. Layer 2 switch port in VLAN 21 and Layer 3 switch1 port in VLAN1. With this config, data is working fine. The goal is to also get voice working beween them. When I add 'switchport voice vlan 421' to the Layer 2 switch side, I lose the link. What do I need to do to get VLAN 421 on one side talking to VLAN 140 on the other side (just like VLAN 21 on one side talks to VLAN 1 on the other side)?



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