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Upgrade 2960S on 122-58.SE2 to 15.2(2)E8


Do I have to download any PAK files or do anything else to get my 2960S' upgraded to 15.2(2)E8 to fix the smart install DOS bug?  My 2960s are running c2960s-universalk9-mz.


Can I expect some errors in the config due to certain setting in the cli being depreciated. These 2960s are in a stackwise "stack".


We don't use the gui feature of the 2960's, so will just be doing a tftp to the flash and changing the "system boot" to point to the new image on all the switches. 



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Leo Laohoo
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The SmartInstall bug/vulnerability can be disabled by issuing the command "no vstack".  

Thanks for the reply.


I have done that (no vstack), but Cisco does not list that as a "work around"  solution in the Security notice.


Post the complete output to the command "sh vstack conf".

#sho vstack config
Role: Client (SmartInstall disabled)
Vstack Director IP address:

Again, Cisco security advisory does not list using "no vstack" as a workaround in the document.

seems that using "no vstack" WILL keep the smart install bug from happening.


This tread shows a it being tested and using "no vstack" keeps the malformed packet from reloading the switch. Shame Cisco didn't put this in the security advisory.

@dmooreami wrote:
Role: Client (SmartInstall disabled)

VStack is not running.  That's good.

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