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upgrade document for Cisco 6840 Switch


I'm searching for upgrade steps for Cisco 6840 Switch, i have searched everywhere but there isn't one available online?

i'm facing an issue with the current IOS 15.2(2)SY2 and as per Cisco bug track (CSCur96442), it iis recommended to upgrade the IOS, but I'm now able to locate any instructions on how to perform the upgrade process.

Any advice.



Georg Pauwen
VIP Expert

Hello Sulaiman,

the upgrade procedure for the 6840 is the same as for the 6000/6500:

Upgrading Software Images on Catalyst 6000/6500 Series Switches

thanks for the reply

and i apologize but this is my first time to have this task assigned to me 

i was checking the document, 

but this what i came out with the version command. 

and this is what i came out with.

please check my commnets between '#' symbol!

show version
Cisco IOS Software, c6848x Software (c6848x-IPSERVICESK9_NPE-M), Version 15.2(2)SY2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc5)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2016 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Mon 11-Jul-16 16:37 by prod_rel_team
ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 15.2(02)SY [Rel 1.0], RELEASE SOFTWARE
SWITCH uptime is 1 week, 4 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes
Uptime for this control processor is 1 week, 4 days, 14 hours, 23 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System image file is "bootdisk:/c6848x-ipservicesk9_npe-mz.SPA.152-2.SY2.bin"
Last reload reason: power-on

This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United
States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and
use. Delivery of Cisco cryptographic products does not imply
third-party authority to import, export, distribute or use encryption.
Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for
compliance with U.S. and local country laws. By using this product you
agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you are unable
to comply with U.S. and local laws, return this product immediately.
A summary of U.S. laws governing Cisco cryptographic products may be found at:
If you require further assistance please contact us by sending email to
Cisco C6840-X-LE-40G ( Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU @ 2.00GHz ) processor (revision ) with 2994175K/409600K bytes of memory. ### 2 GB RAM ###
Processor board ID FDO2039L02K
Processor signature 0xA9060300
Last reset from power-on
34 Virtual Ethernet interfaces
1 Gigabit Ethernet interface
80 Ten Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
4 Forty Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
1966064K bytes of USB Flash bootdisk (Read/Write) #### Flashbootdisk ####
Configuration register is 0x2102
#show bootdisk: #### is this the same as flashbootdisk? ####
-#- --length-- -----date/time------ path
1 33554432 Oct 24 2016 11:35:42 +00:00 sea_console.dat
2 87177080 Oct 24 2016 11:40:48 +00:00 c6848x-ipservicesk9_npe-mz.SPA.152-2.SY2.bin
3 33554432 Oct 24 2016 11:46:52 +00:00 sea_log.dat
4 8274 Jan 1 2017 23:03:46 +00:00 startup-config.converted_vs-20170101-230334
5 8305 Jan 2 2017 00:17:50 +00:00 startup-config.converted_vs-20170102-001748
6 8305 Jan 3 2017 01:29:10 +00:00 startup-config.converted_vs-20170103-012906
1784860672 bytes available (154329088 bytes used)