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Upgrading a 1700 Router w/ WIC-4ESW

For years I've had a simply NAT-based routing set up with the ISP coming into the 10BT WIC card on my 1700 and then sharing that connection out to my LAN via the integrated FastEthernet port.

I've found that that my ISP has increased my connection speed much greater than 10 mbps (varying 15-60 mbps) and my router has actually been bottlenecking my potential speeds in/out to the internet in this setup. 

I've been thinking about purchasing a  WIC-4ESW 4-port 10/100 switch interface for the router and swithing up the config so that the ISP connection now comes into the integrated FastEthernet port and then sharing all 10/100 ports of the switch out to my LAN which should increase my limit to 100 mbps through my router to my ISP.    I'd also be able to plug my network devices directly into switch instead of an el-cheapo I currently have on my LAN.

I know just enough to be dangerous, but I think I should be able to tweak my config to make this change.  I just wanted to confirm that the WIC-4ESW would be compatible with the 1700 and my plan will work (with a more recent IOS).    Any suggestions or shortcomings I may not of thought of before I make this purchase?

Thank you!

EDIT:  I've been seeing some mixed information that across interfaces on the router, a 1700 series might limit the bandwidth.   Would I be able to transmist say 15-60 mbps through integrated FastEthernet0 to the WIC-4ESW and vice versa or would speeds near 100mpbs only beable to be transmitted within the 4 ports of the WIC-4ESW but not through the rest of the router?

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