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Upgrading CISCO C3750-X stack switch

Hi all,

I'm posting this thread to try and get an answer to a problem that I recently have with my stack switch. A brief history of my problem:

a) I have three C3750-X switch stack together as my SAN switch and running on the new 15.0 release which is 15.0(1) SE.

b) Recently the master switch rebooted without any explanation. Create ticket with TAC and got an answer that it is due to a bug with ID: CSCtr31957.

My question is, which release that should i choose either the 15.0(1) SE3 or the latest 15.0(2)? Will it affect any of my configuration if i change to 15.0(2)?

Finally, appreciate if anyone could highlight what is the best practice to upgrade IOS in a stack whether to upgrade it 1 switch at a time or do it to all at once? Many thanks in advance.




There is now a feature called 'Rolling Stack Upgrade' which would be worth checking out. It's available in 15.0(1): -

However, the fact that it's fairly new might be a reason to be cautious. Certainly ensure any outage window includes plenty of time to revert to the manual method.

I would steer clear of the very latest version unless you're feeling adventurous. At least with an earlier version you can check the bugs already found and make a more informed decision. That doesn't mean to say you will not discover a new bug in a previous version, but at least the risk is a bit lower.

Appreciate your input on this matter. I will put it into consideration when I plan for my maintenance window. Many thanks again.

I would recommend you DOWNGRADE the IOS of your switch to 12.2(55)SE6.

Avoid 15.0(2)SE and all sub-versions of the 15.0(1)SE.