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Upgrading cisco catalyst switches to the latest firmware


Hi All,

I wanted to find out what the best practices are with regards to upgrading cisco switch software versions. I have a catalyst switch 1000 on version 15.2(7)E1 and I can see that the latest version available now is 15.2.7E7 would I need to upgrade to E2,3,4,5,6 or can I go straight to E7. If someone can also share a good resource in terms of the steps when upgrading that would be helpful.

Thank you

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you can directly upgrade to E7. 

find upgrade guide here.

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Good luck

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame

The best resource is the IOS's release notes.

In your case, usually jumping up to a later patch level can be done without booting into an intermediate version.

BTW, the forgoing is the usual case.  However, occasionally, there will be dependencies that specific prior versions need to be booted into.  (I believe the usual cause is particular release(s) provide some firmware update.)

Again, release notes should be reviewed.

Leo Laohoo
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