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Use Serviceability Features to Troubleshoot your Cat9K as a Cisco TAC Engineer - AMA

Community Manager
Community Manager

Take the opportunity to reach out to our expert and discuss best practices regarding on how to troubleshoot a live network and identify the root cause easily. Learn more about Serviceability and how to provide full access to the administrator in order to allow a total control. You can post questions regarding Polaris IOS-XE 17.3.1 and Catalyst 9x00 series features combined to 5G adoption or WiFI6 as well. Join the discusson and ask Aaron!

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Ask questions from Tuesday 1st to Friday 11th of December, 2020

Featured expert
acespede.jpg Aaron Cespedes is a Technical Consulting Engineer on the Enterprise Routing & Switching team at the Customer Experience (CX) Center in Mexico. He has worked with different Cisco Catalyst Switching Platforms, including backbone technologies, for 7+ years, and specializes in Switching technologies. Aaron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from the Universidad Politecnica of Costa Rica. He holds a CCNP in R&S certifications. He currently pursues a CCIE in R&S.
Aaron might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Networking community. 
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Aaron ( @acespede )

Thanks for providing such a great session, we have learned lots.
Please help us to answer the following question from the live session:

  • Anything like this for the XR? or is it just XE?



I'm not aware if IOS XR has something similar to the serviceability features but I know about the i.e XR embedded packet tracer tool, here you can see information about that:


Thank you!

Aarón Céspedes V.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Aaron,

The webcast was great, thank you for the recording!

I have an additional question, could a SPF/PSV or NETDR CPU capture cause high CPU utilization/crash of the switch?


Thank you


Hello jossanc3,


One of the goals with the serviceability features is that we can use them under live environments hence we expect these group of features to work as designed without causing a major outage to the switch where we're using them.


Now, for SPF support on C9200/C9500H&C9600 (added in 17.2); we identified some issues when using this feature (affecting 17.3.1) but we managed to fix them and I've tested it with C9200/C9500H using 17.3.2a (some scenarios like tracing ICMP, L2 mcast flow) and is working just fine.


Last but not least, we always encourage our customers to use the features and if they identify problems/misbehavior, etc. we can have a Cisco TAC case open in order to further isolate the fault and fix it in order to continue using the features.


Thank you!

Aarón Céspedes V.

Dani Ma

Thank you for the opportunity to post some additional questions. I would like to know if you are you constantly improving the show tech-support packages (adding additional CLIs)?