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Valn between cisco & sonicwall ?

vinish milton
Level 1
Level 1


I am attempting to setup total 8 VLAN’s on a cisco C3560X switch that uses a Sonicwall NSA as the gateway. The VLAN’s need to be completely separate from each other but able to get ip(DHCP) and access the internet via the Sonicwall.

My ip plan is as below.

Sonicwall Ip :

Cisco 3560 Management Vlan1 ip :

Vlan 10 :  

Vlan 20 :

Vlan 30 :

vlan 40 :

Vlan 50 :

Vlan 60:

Vlan 70 :

Vlan 80 :

I want connect  sonicwall to  Cisco 3560 port no 24 and Access point controller to port no 23 .All vlan port will connected to respective building L2 switch. Then L2 switch connected to Access Point, then Access point connect to users( users need to be get ip from sonicwall with their vlan subnet)Pl see the below Diagram.

Can someone give me full configuration to me?

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John Peterson
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Vinish,

TBH no is going to give you the configuration for the above. I would recommend searching the Cisco site on creating VLANS and TRUNK links on the switches.

I can aid you on configuration for your switches. Your L3 Switch ports 23 & 24 - will need to be trunk links for your AP VLANs, any VLAN which are not required will need to be pruned.

The uplinks port for your switched will also need to be configured as trunk links if your management VLAN is separate from the wireless VLANS.

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