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Vlan's and an ASA 5510

Im currently working on a plan for segementing our network with vlan's. The network is a mix of procurve and Cisco devices. Now we have an ASA 5510 we have some tunnels configured to other ASA's on remote locations and VPN users connect to our network using this ASA. I want to seperate the ASA from the rest of the network with its own VLAN.

The ASA is directly connected to our Coreswitch (Procurve 5406zl) this switch handels the intervlan routing. The traffic on the other side of the tunnels are not using any Vlan's but differ in ip-range. Lets say I configure the port on the coreswitch to work untagged in vlan40 all the traffic coming in on that port will be directed by the switch to other vlan's if neccesary. But the Asa by default uses vlan 1 so im assuming i need to set this to vlan40. But after this im getting lost. Do i need to configure anything else? Im also changing the internal ip for the asa because the current ip doesn't match the subnet im using for the vlan I want to use.

In my design i will give the VPN users an ip from the subnet configured for vlan 40. But if i have to create a trunk or tag multiple vlans on the connection to make it work i'd rather add the VPN users to an other subnet or create a new vlan for them.

Does any one have in pointers on this?

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