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VLAN Setup - did I miss something?


I have a Cisco to setting up a switch,,

 I created 3 VLANS (not using default vlan1 per best practice )


VLAN 100

VLAN 101


I am using VLAN 99 as a mgt VLAN.

I set VLAN 99 to

I added ports g0/1, g0/2, and g0/3 to VLAN 99

I did a show VLAN and can see VLAN 99 assigned to ports

I connected a PC to port 1 and and ESXi Server to Port 2 on the switch.

The PC has an Ip of, Subnet,  gateway

ESXi has ip  subnet , gateway

I try to ping the ESXi Server from the PC and get host unreachable


Did I miss an assignment somewhere?



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Did you check the ARP entry on PC whether it is able to resolve the mac?

Also is the mac being learned correctly on Switch?


Since these are all in same subnet, there is nothing more to do on switch, except mac learning.  

Instead of an ESXi, if you connect another laptop, is it working?




i have a physical server in the config runing Windows 2008 Server and set the ip on it to and connected it to port 3 on the switch.

I can ping from the PC to physical server and from the physical server to the PC, but cannot ping to the ESXi server from the PC or Physical Server...


Reza Sharifi
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Is the ESXi server configured with the correct vlan?

I set ESXi with vlan 99 and with no vlan...

The connection worked fine when I was using a 1 GB linksys



Try to connect the pc directly to ESXi ethernet port and ping to it from pc,

what is the result ??

lets separate the problem as hardware issue or logical issue.



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