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Carl Williams

VPC Domain

Can someone tell me what the priorities should be i'm going to configure Nexus switches within the same VPC domain.

But what should the vpc priorities be.

I have

2 Nexus 7010's = VPC domain 300, priority 100, 110

4 Nexus 5510's  = VPC domain 300, priority ?

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

When you create a VPC dmain. the priority is assigned automatically.  You can define it manually if you want but they have to be the same for all memebers:

have a look:

The vPC peer switches use the vPC domain ID that you configure to automatically assign a unique vPC system MAC address. The switches use the vPC system MAC addresses only for link-scope operations,   such as LACP or BPDUs. You can also configure a specific MAC address for the vPC domain.

After you create a vPC domain, the              Cisco NX-OS             software automatically  creates a system priority for the vPC domain. You can also manually configure a             specific system priority for the vPC domain.

If you  manually configure the system priority,                 you must ensure that you assign the same priority value on both vPC peer                 switches. If the vPC peer switches have different system priority values, the vPC                 will not come up.

here is the config guide:


Oleksandr Nesterov
Cisco Employee

Hi Carl

If you mean role priorities - the value is local to vpc domail - it will help to configure which of the peers will be elected as primary. So in each vpc domain you can use any values you like.

But please remember:

1. vpc domain consists of 2 vpc peers so priority values will be shared only between two peers in domain.

2. each domain HAS to have DIFFERENT domain number - this will help you avoid issues with dynamicaly selected internal values.