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Hello Everyone , 


I am looking for a suggestion and if you could confirm few points that I am going to mention


I have a network infrastructure that spread over many sites , those sites are connected by MPLS Network " Hub & Spoke "  . The current local infrastructure in each site is considered as a simple infrastructure , few switches , router & firewall and for sure the MPLS Router" Switch " . 


we are upgrading the whole infrastructure in the main site " The Hub Site " , we are implementing an HCI Solution " it is not HyperFlex :( " . The solution that the other vendor is provided has ToR Switch that provided by the Vendor it self .  

In the Vendor documentation , and for the best practices , there are assuming that those ToR Swthces will be connected to Upstream Switches through SFP+ Connections , the number of Up-links ports needed in each switch should be 4 SFP+ . 


I have checked Cisco Website and I am assuming that one of the Cisco Catalyst 9200 or 9200L will be a good fit , what is your suggestions . 

I am checking that to have full redundancy and the optimal way to configure both Dell Switches and Cisco Swithces is based on what is called " vPC in Cisco , VLT in Dell " however vPC is a nexux feature . 

I check and I saw that VSS is kind of similar to VPC in Catalyst . based on search result , it seems that it is available only on Catalyst 6500 . 


any suggestions or help ? 

VIP Advisor

Re: VPC vs VSS

Hi there,

VSS is the 6500 technology to logically combine two physically separate chassis. As you point out vPC is a Nexus technology, the Catalyst equivalent is MEC (Multi-chassis Ether Channel).


From your message you are correct in thinking that using etherchannel from the TOR switches to the core is the correct solution. I am not clear on why you want vPC/ MEC...are you planning on deploying a large core switch at each remote site??




VIP Expert

Re: VPC vs VSS


I check and I saw that VSS is kind of similar to VPC in Catalyst . based on search result , it seems that it is available only on Catalyst 6500 . 

Correct, VSS is only for Catalyst series switches and vPC is for the Nexus switches which are mainly designed to be used in data centers.  As for as connecting the Cisco to Dell and other vendors, you can use LACP for bundling multiple uplinks in one logical connection. LACP is standard and used pretty much by all vendors. As for which switch to use, read the datasheets for multiple platforms and compare to make sure the switch meets your requirement before purchasing.



Re: VPC vs VSS

A quick one on top of what already has been said, sometime the HCI will not use LACP and they will use there own teaming method something to consider when connecting them up
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