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VTP and pruning

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Can you only manually prune vlans to allow all vlans to traverse the link when you have a trunk between a VTP server and Transparent switch? Are there any other options?

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it is unclear what you are asking:


--> manually prune vlans to allow all vlans


A transparent switch does not participate in VTP. What are you trying to accomplish ?

Yes was unclear. I'm trying to have the switches forward traffic over their respective vlans. I do not want to have to change the VTP mode. Ip routing is enabled on both L3 switches but traffic is not forwarding over the attached vlan when I run "sh ip cef 192.168.1.x" but trying to route using the gateway of last resort.


Let me know if it's clear or not.


Whatever you alow over the trunk from the vtp server switch will be advertised to the vtp transparent swtch, However that switch will ignore those summary advertisments and forward them on to any vtp swtich thats its connected to running as a server or client.

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