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VTP Domain to VTP Transparent mode


I have a number of stacked switches at our corporation which are in VTP Server/Client mode, and I would like to change them back to VTP Transparent mode, but  want to verify that switching to VTP transparent mode, will not affect the current configuration on the switch.  I have heard VTP Domain is not the way to go, and I would hate for a switch to be put on network somewhere, and end up wiping out the other switches because it had a lower mac.

One other question I have is this.  If you have say a stack of 2 switches using flex cables, can you copy the config of individual switches in the stack to a tftp?  Also I want to add another switch to this stack.   I know I need the same IOS on all switches, but will the switches all reboot when I unplug the flexstack cable and plug new switch in?  In a vtp environment the mac is the first factor that is looked at for who is the server vs client in VTP Domain?

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