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VTP pruning and vlan advertisement

Hi everyone 

here is my question: If we configure vtp pruning  for vlan 3,4 on a port which is connected to another switch , it’s just filter the traffic of vlan 3,4 or dose not advertise vlan 3,4 at all??!?!?!?

Best regard


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 - vlan advertising will only happen if you have a vtp server and client switches are in the same vtp domain ; when a pruning eligible VLAN is not needed on a trunk, no broadcastmulticast and unknown unicast is flooded for that VLAN on the trunk. That's the purpose of (VTP) pruning.


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Thanks for your replay

actually i have configured vtp between this two switches but i have some vlans that i dont want to be advertised to other switches do you have any suggestion??!?!?!

My desired :

sw1#vlan 1,2,3

sw2#vlan 1,3 (not vlan 2)



    If you have the switches in the same VTP domain, they'll share the same VLAN database and VLAN state no matter what, as this is the scope of VTP (unless you run transparent mode everywhere and locally control the VLAN database, at which point i don't see why you would be using VTP anymore; but this could be a fix, run transparent on all switches and locally configure the VLAN's). However i would not do it this way, for many reasons. Make use of VTP to easier push the VLAN's across switches, as VLAN's being in the database do no harm, unless you have access ports configured in those VLANs. If you want to restrict traffic for some specific VLAN's (like you don't want VLAN2 to be allowed between switch1 and switch2), make use of the "switchport trunk allowed vlan" command on both switches, on the trunks in between.



Cristian Matei.

I do not believe it solve your issue with VTP enabled, if you like you can make that switch as transparent, so only VLAN Locally available.


If you like to VTP Server and Client, VLAN shared automatically, if you do not like to communicated those VLAN each other, Option is ACL.



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