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want to know whether to replace 4506-e switch or it's card


I am going to design one network and currently there is 4506-e switch as Core and it contains these cards-


WS-X4624-SFP-E so Please let me know whether shall i replace this whole device or card only.

Please suggest as 4506-e might not be EOL ,I am not sure please please suggest.

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 - As far as EOL info is concerned use :



The sup and card still have a little bit of life if you have a support contract, but are quickly approaching final EOL in 2022.

I have to caveat that with the fact that they are no longer going to be getting routine software maintenance releases, so depending on your requirements / features you may need to upgrade sooner rather than later.
As for a forklift replace vs components, it would depend on the cost and desire of your team, and what time frame your next refresh would be. But with the 9Ks out and the big push to convert people to them, I don't see a great future left for 4500s.

But If just changed Sup card and line card as per cisco site then I can use
4506 instead of 9k As my customer require support till 2026
Is it good solution to change sup &line card

I don't think replacing cards now that you'll get 8 more years of supported software in an upgraded sup/card combination unless you're sitting in a +E chassis, but you really would need to lean on your SE to say what they are saying on support.

If you are looking to have a platform supported for that amount of time, I would strongly look at moving to the 9K. But if a forklift replace is not in the cards, a card/sup will likely work just fine if your traffic profile is not changing.

What is +E Chasis means

On the basis that a new 24-port 1GE SFP card for a 4506 is about the same list price as a 48-port 1/10/25G SFP+ switch in the 9500 series, I would opt for the latter. Even the ageing 32-port 4500X would seem a better bet than the 4506 line card. Both of these options have massively increased backplane capability compared to the chassis and give future capability to move to 10GE. In addition, they save you 9RU in your rack.


Going to 12x10GE cards would be even more expensive.


Hope this helps,





Leo Laohoo
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In my humble opinion, announcement for the Sup7 should be some time next year. The "natural" replacement is Sup9, however, you might as well look into the 9500.
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