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WCCP configuration on C4K5 SUP7E


with IOS XE 3.3.0SG now WCCP is supported on SUP7E

In the documentation I found some statements where I would need explanation.



Running TCP-Promiscuous Service Example

The following example shows how to configure TCP promiscuous service, where VLAN 40 represents the server interface and VLAN 50 represents the content engine interface:

Switch# configure terminal

Switch(config)# ip wccp 61

Switch(config)# ip wccp 62

Switch(config)# interface vlan 40 

Switch(config-if)# ip wccp 61 redirect out

Switch(config-if)# ip wccp 62 redirect in

Switch(config)# interface vlan 50

Switch(config-if)# ip wccp redirect exclude in

In all other Implementations of WCCP on Layer3 Switches they all did only support redirection in. Is this no longer a restriction with SUP7E ?

(as it sems on above config example)

Restrictions for WCCP

The following limitations apply to WCCP:

WCCP works only with IPv4 networks.

For routers servicing a multicast cluster, the time to live (TTL) value must be set at 15 or fewer.

Time To Live (TTL) value of Layer 3 switches servicing a cluster must be 15 second or less.

Because the WCCP protocol messages may now be IP multicast, members may receive messages that are not relevant or (are) duplicates. Appropriate filtering need to be performed.

A service group can comprise up to 32 content engines and 32 routers.

All content engines in a cluster must be configured to communicate with all routers servicing the cluster.

Up to 8 active service groups are supported on a switch. Up to 8 service groups can be configured simultaneously on the same client interface.

The Layer 2 rewrite forwarding method is supported in hardware; the GRE encapsulation forwarding method is not supported.

The GRE return method is supported in software.Layer 2 return method is supported in hardware and is recommended.

Direct Layer 3 connectivity to content engines is required; Layer 3 connectivity of one or more hops away is not supported.

Input / output redirection configuration is not supported on content engine facing interfaces.

WCCP version 2 standard allows for support of up to 256 distinct masks. However, a Catalyst 4500 series switch only supports mask assignment table with a single mask.

Valid multicast addresses are from to

How to configure this, as I know under one interface I am only able to confige redirection to one service-group in the in and one in the out direction, not more, how to configure this ?

In my case I have internal interfaces (Clients/Servers) and WAN-Interfaces, one to Internet and one to corperate WAN.

So every traffic which traveses the Link to corperate WAN has to be rediedted to WAVE (tcp-promiscous mode) and every traffic which crosses the Internetlink has to be redirected to an Websense or similar device.

So as I know the Implementation for Example on Cat6500 we have to enable

wccp redirect 61 in  on the Link to Corperate WAN


wccp redirect 62 in in all internal Interfaces

for WAAS.

So in my opinion I was not able to configure an additional  redirect statement on the internal interfaces for redirect traffic to another servicegroup as well.

so what definitvely would help if it is supported without any performance degradation to use redirect in and out an same interface.

In this case we can configure

wccp redirect 61 in  on the Link to Corperate WAN

wccp redirect 62 out  on the Link to Corperate WAN

for the WAAS Service and

Can configure redirection in and out for other servicegroup on the link to Internet (for Websense)

Can anybody tell me if this is supported ?

One additional Question would be if VRF-aware WCCP will be supported on SUP7E in the future, as I know so far its not supported yet.

Thx in Advance